teen wolf    viii: strength
Malia + braids
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back during s3 i used to make cracks about derek’s unfortunate downstairs neighbor who dealt with things like

  • the troop of teenagers going in and out of the elevator to the loft at all hours
  • peter hale, who deserves his own bullet point
  • imagine having to share the elevator with peter, for real
  • seriously though, the teens. is this a cult, should someone be called about this?
  • are those teens in the same room with the guy with the villain goatee and the frighteningly low v-necks because that’s cause for concern right there
  • is that blood dripping through the crack in the ceiling?
  • loud, reverberating growling and roars, no matter what time it is
  • things breaking
  • those things probably getting repaired and loudly
  • that awful alarm. that is a terrible security system okay
  • that time there was definitely floods of water pouring through every available crack in the ceiling
  • the power to the building just got cut off. fantastic
  • that’s definitely a trail of blood leading to the elevator
  • and then it was blissfully quiet for a few weeks
  • is someone throwing a rave upstairs

that said, learning that derek owns the building and is the landlord makes all of this 5000x more hilarious okay

    teen wolf    xxi: the world

we’re supposed to take care of each other

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forget the movie.